Grand Slam

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Grand Slam Firework Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

306 shot firework display kit (contains 4 fireworks).

This firework contains 4 individual fireworks that you have to join the fuses together. When you have joined the fuses together you only have to light one fuse for a display lasting over 3 mins.

Check out the video:

Grand Slam Display Kit is the largest of the multi firework display boxes from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Grand Slam display kit contains a total of four fireworks that  produce a firework display lasting around three and a half minutes when fired one after each other. The show starts with a flurry of tumbling, whistling stars producing a two tier display, the effects are then fired vertically at a steady rate for the next three minutes before bursting in to a fan shape across the sky for the finale.

The individual fireworks in Grand Slam are NOT already connected together. You have to join the fuses together and then light one fuse to  get a display lasting over 3 minutes.

  • Our opinion - This is the biggest and longest lasting of the multi-firework displays.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
  • Lasts around 3.5 minutes.
  • 306 shots in total .
  • Mainly fires vertically but with a fan finale.
  • Ideal finale firework or if you just want one big firework display.

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