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Cupid Rocket Selection (single rocket) Cupid Rocket Selection (single rocket)
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Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: CS5131GB
There are five different rockets available and all have 3" diameter heads. As well as the standard shell burst style explosion there is also a heart shaped burst rocket in the range. The heart shaped burst is not as large as the traditional Chrysanthemum or Willow shaped burst but it is certainly di..
£22.00 £29.99
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Solar Flare Rocket Pack Solar Flare Rocket Pack
-29 %
Brand: Primed Pyrotechnics Model: PR167
Well we thought the War Hawks where untouchable but here we have contender to that throne.5 beautiful big rockets from Primed Pyrotechnics producing effects that are second to none, you really do need to see these in the flesh to appreciate them. The Solar Flare Rockets are 1.3g rockets that come py..
£32.00 £45.00
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Warhawk 1.3g Rocket 5 Pack Warhawk 1.3g Rocket 5 Pack
New -51 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2315
War Hawks are a pack of five large rockets. Pound for pound I don't think you will find a better pack of rockets. Each one produces a different effect, but all on a gold willow theme...
£19.50 £39.99
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