Roman Candles

Roman Candles
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Atom Bomb Twin Burst Roman Candle

The Atom Bomb Twin Burst is suitable for a variety of displays.Featuring a series of double-explosio..


Calypso Pearls Roman Candle

Five 10 Shot assorted Roman Candles at a great value price.Effects:5 assorted: yellow, blue, purple,..


Hydra Hummer Roman Candle

4 fireworks, whistling to loud crackling.Great Bright Star Roman Candle Fireworks at a great price.M..


Star Busters Roman Candles

A selection of 5 Fireworks, Effects: (A) Whistling (B) Crackling comet (C) Red comet tail with re..


Stealth Command Roman Candle

5 Roman Candles to a PVC Bag and Header.EFFECTS:5 Assorted red comet, greencomet, silver comet, yell..