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As its been a Hard Year For All we are discounting all products 30% + OFF RRP

We are now taking PRE-ORDERS, Order & Pay For your Fireworks For November 5th and we will give an extra 15%.

Cut off Point 11th September for Pre-Orders.


Ghost Buster Fountains
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: GB8118GB
Crazy battery of fountains emitting from head and sides of the Ghost.Silver showers and coloured crackling fountains. Complete with Spookie light up eyes!..
£17.49 £24.99
Ex Tax:£17.49
Hokus Pokus Fountains
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: HP8019GB
Hokus Pokus is a great fountain firework. To add a little more excitement to the common fountain Brothers have put a few mine effects in to the display. A mine effect is a giant burst of stars in one explosion and you'll see a few in Hokus Pokus. Fountains are always popular with children but the su..
£6.99 £9.99
Ex Tax:£6.99
Leaping Lizards Fountains
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: LL8002GB
Lasting for over 1 minute, Leaping Lizards is a superb fountain a furious popping crackle effect throughout its running time, it culminates in a ferociously explosive finale.If you view the video, you’ll see that this is quote a large fountain. Its effects include a mixture of gold flitters with blu..
£6.29 £8.99
Ex Tax:£6.29
Tinsel Town Fountains
New -30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: TT8149GB
Tinsel Town by Brothers Pyrotechnics is an amazing golden fountainIt's perfect for those who want something quiet but visually stunning, or just love gold! Either way you won't be disappointed with this firework..
£13.99 £19.99
Ex Tax:£13.99
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