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24 Shot Assortment Barrage
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: TS0990GB
Hurricane: Coloured palms, white glitter and red strobes.Acid Rain: Red and green peony's with acid rain (crackling) and a finale of golden flowers.Lightning Strike: Red, green, blue and pink peony's with silver, red and green strobes.Each cake finishes with a barrage of noise as the last four shots..
£11.19 £15.99
Ex Tax:£11.19
Angel Dust Barrage
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: AD2413GB
Angel Dust is a mine combination. A mine firework is one that fires its stars from ground level upwards rather than bursting at altitude. You will see with Angel Dust that each shot is in fact a plume of stars fired from the ground up to around 10 to 15m high.Apart from a few crackles Angel Dust is ..
£7.69 £10.99
Ex Tax:£7.69
Diamond Princess Barrage
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: DP2215GB
A best seller from brothers for the last few years. A popular firework for the ladies this one.Diamond Princess fires 28 shots of with huge golden willows puncturing the sky with red, green & blue strobe tips. gold brocades with coloured tips, halfway through we get a crackle thrown in..
£31.49 £44.99
Ex Tax:£31.49
Exploding Cherries
New -30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: EC1904GB
Exploding Cherries is a 16 shot aerial barrage firework by Brothers Pyrotechnics. Whilst being a high quality and high-performance firework it is labelled up as being a 'garden firework'  Exploding Cherries fires its starts up to around mature tree height so if you do have more space to view th..
£9.09 £12.99
Ex Tax:£9.09
Fireworks Crazy Mini
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: FC2406GB
Fireworks Crazy Mini fires 100 shots, is a garden firework (minimum viewing distance = 8m), rapidly fires its shots, has a good duration and then a finale salvo to finish the display off with; what more could you want...
£27.99 £39.99
Ex Tax:£27.99
Glittering Heights
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: GH2185GB
This Screeching Skyrider is a Multi-Shot firework and will really add a bang to your event. Green Flying Fish Cracking peonys Golden Glitter Sliver spinner'sMinimum viewing distance 8 meters48 secs approx25 Shots barrage..
£15.39 £21.99
Ex Tax:£15.39
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: G0587GB
Guinevere by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a 25 shot assorted effect firework. Guinevere fires five different effects and it fires five of each of those effects. Not only is Guinevere suitable for use in a good sized firework display but due to the fact that it fires such a & good variety of eff..
£16.09 £22.99
Ex Tax:£16.09
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: HE0181
Hercules has been our best selling single ignition firework for many years.AND HE'S BACK! Obviously immortal, the exceptional strength of the original award winner is back, and this one isn’t getting away – we have caged it! 107 SHOTS..
£87.49 £124.99
Ex Tax:£87.49
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: LA2154GB
Lavish barrage fireworkCE Cat 2 25 shotsFires in volleys of 5'sGlittering silver tails with chrysanthemum breaks, glittering silver tails with blue star breaks, Glittering silver tails with golden crackling spinners and crackling break..
£14.69 £20.99
Ex Tax:£14.69
Lion King
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: LK2444GB
Lion King 30 shot aerial firework popular and spectacular effect.Lion King fires one after another of the cascading star effect. Some call this effect a Palm effect but really this is what is technically known as a Brocade. The palm tends to be about 5 larger long trailing stars whereas the Bro..
£20.99 £29.99
Ex Tax:£20.99
Magical Palms
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: MP1430GB
Magical Palms is an aerial firework with large Palm Tree shaped effect that people see at large public firework displays and magical Palms contains just that effect!To add some variation to the display the stars at the end of the Palm leaves are different colours and the rate of firing increases tow..
£46.89 £66.99
Ex Tax:£46.89
Merlin's Apprentice
New -30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: DP2215GB
Merlin's Apprentice is a firework from Brothers Pyrotechnics range. When we saw Merlin's Apprentice at a test firing we immediately thought that this firework produced quite a few new effects when it can be easy to find many similar effects in fireworks today. Merlin's Apprentice might only fire 14 ..
£20.99 £29.99
Ex Tax:£20.99
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