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24 Shot Assortment Barrage

Acid Rain,Hurricane  Lightning StrikeEach one lasting 40 seconds in duration firing 24 shots, e..


Blazing Star Barrage

Fantastic firework pure and simple, 24 shots of huge golden dragon eggs. Minimum viewing distan..


Diamond Princess Barrage

A best seller from brothers for the last few years. A popular firework for the ladies this one...


Fireworks Crazy Mini

Fireworks Crazy Mini fires 100 shots, is a garden firework (minimum viewing distance = 8m), rapidly ..


Glittering Heights

This Screeching Skyrider is a Multi-Shot firework and will really add a bang to your event. Green F..



Firing in volleys of 5 shots, each volley contains different effects including, red and green chrysa..



Hercules has been our best selling single ignition firework for many years.AND HE'S BACK! Obviously ..


Hercules (mini) Barrage

Hercules mini is a quick pace firework with lots of fizz pop and bang, its explosive 47 seconds is a..



Lavish barrage fireworkCE Cat 2 25 shotsFires in volleys of 5'sGlittering silver tails with chrysant..


Lion King

Lion King 30 shot aerial firework popular and spectacular effect.Lion King fires one after anot..


Magical Palms

Magical Palms is an aerial firework with large Palm Tree shaped effect that people see at large publ..


Power Station

Power Station fires banks of four shots of screaming tails before exploding with an almighty bang.Fo..


Real Steel Barrage

Real Steel is one of the most innovative single ignition fireworks of recent years. Many fireworks o..


Rip & Roaring Barrages

Rip and the Roaring Barrages – Sold as a duo 50 shot per barrageTwo fantastic 50 shot cakes from Bro..


Scarlett Wizzard

As the name suggests you get to see a lot of red in Scarlett Wizzard. Each shot has a corkscrew effe..