Brother Fireworks

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24 Shot Assortment Barrage

Acid Rain,Hurricane  Lightning StrikeEach one lasting 40 seconds in duration firing 24 shots, e..


Beat Thy Neighbour Compound

Beat Thy Neighbour Compound is the latest of the multi-linked fused firework display boxes from Brot..


Blazing Star Barrage

Fantastic firework pure and simple, 24 shots of huge golden dragon eggs. Minimum viewing distan..


Cannon Fodder 5 Shot

Cannon Fodder are the new bombette style roman candles by Brothers Pyrotechnics. The Cannon Fodder r..


Cupid Rocket Selection (single rocket)

There are five different rockets available and all have 3" diameter heads. As well as the standard s..


Diamond Princess Barrage

A best seller from brothers for the last few years. A popular firework for the ladies this one...


Fireworks Crazy Mini

Fireworks Crazy Mini fires 100 shots, is a garden firework (minimum viewing distance = 8m), rapidly ..


Ghost Buster Fountains

Crazy battery of fountains emitting from head and sides of the Ghost.Silver showers and coloured cra..


Glittering Heights

This Screeching Skyrider is a Multi-Shot firework and will really add a bang to your event. Green F..


Grand Slam Display Kit

The Grand Slam firework contains 4 individual fireworks with their fuses already together, you onl..



Firing in volleys of 5 shots, each volley contains different effects including, red and green chrysa..



Hercules has been our best selling single ignition firework for many years.AND HE'S BACK! Obviously ..


Hercules (mini) Barrage

Hercules mini is a quick pace firework with lots of fizz pop and bang, its explosive 47 seconds is a..


Hokus Pokus Fountains

Hokus Pokus is a great fountain firework. To add a little more excitement to the common fountain Bro..


Krazy Klock Fountain

This beautiful and unusual fountain will give you a fantastic display of sparks, glitter and beautif..