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Brothers Fireworks

Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: TS0990GB
Hurricane: Coloured palms, white glitter and red strobes.Acid Rain: Red and green peony's with acid rain (crackling) and a finale of golden flowers.Lightning Strike: Red, green, blue and pink peony's with silver, red and green strobes.Each cake finishes with a barrage of noise as the last four shots..
Ex Tax:£15.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: FA5025GB
5 Alive 1.3G Rocket PackThe skys are alive with the sound of rockets ! And the rockets that are filling those skys with both colour and noise are not your typical supermarket rockets. These rockets arive to us in a pyro-meshed cage as they are 1.3g performance in a 1.4g box...
Ex Tax:£14.99
Air-Bomber 1.3G Rocket Pack
New -25 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: AB5155GB
Air Bomber 1.3g Rocket PackSo...Much...Noise! It is pretty easy to depict the warzone in your very back yard if you obtain this amazing rocket pack! It is a high noise firework that will provide a lot of thrills and a true spectacle. It is ideal for throwing a loud and noisy party, no matter the occ..
£15.00 £19.99
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: AD2413GB
Angel Dust is a mine combination. A mine firework is one that fires its stars from ground level upwards rather than bursting at altitude. You will see with Angel Dust that each shot is in fact a plume of stars fired from the ground up to around 10 to 15m high.Apart from a few crackles Angel Dust is ..
Ex Tax:£10.99
Beat Thy Neighbour Compound
-23 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: BT2376GB
Beat Thy Neighbour Compound is the latest of the multi-linked fused firework display boxes from Brothers Pyrotechnics the fuses are already joined together so you don't have to join them yourself. Beat Thy Neighbour beat all expectations. We'd say this is one of the best value for money fireworks av..
£115.00 £149.99
Ex Tax:£115.00
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: BS1911GB
Fantastic firework pure and simple, 24 shots of huge golden dragon eggs. ..
Ex Tax:£15.99
Cannon Fodder 5 Shot Cannon Fodder 5 Shot
-35 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: CF8033GB
SOLD AS SINGLE ITEMCannon Fodder are the new bombette style roman candles by Brothers Pyrotechnics. The Cannon Fodder roman candles are bombette style roman candles which means that they give a shellburst explosion at the height of their trajectory. The main difference you will notice between the ta..
£8.50 £12.99
Ex Tax:£8.50
Cupid Rocket Selection (single rocket) Cupid Rocket Selection (single rocket)
-27 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: CS5131GB
There are five different rockets available and all have 3" diameter heads. As well as the standard shell burst style explosion there is also a heart shaped burst rocket in the range. The heart shaped burst is not as large as the traditional Chrysanthemum or Willow shaped burst but it is certainly di..
£22.00 £29.99
Ex Tax:£22.00
Deal 1 Fountains/Barrage Deal 1 Fountains/Barrage
-24 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: Deal 1
ONLY WHILE STOCKS LASTFountain Collection and Small Barrage Bundle Low NoiseRRP £52.69 to buy Individually 1 x Stringing Bee Small Barrage £ 6.991 x Snappy Days Small Barrage £ 6.991 x Leaping Lizard Fountain £ 8.991 x Hocus Pokus Fountain £ 9.991 x Lava Family Fountain 3pk  £ 12.991 x Fun..
£39.99 £52.69
Ex Tax:£39.99
Deal 2 Barrage/Rocket Bundle Deal 2 Barrage/Rocket Bundle
-23 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: Deal 2
Barrage/Rocket BundleONLY WHILE STOCKS LASTBarrage/Rocket BundleRRP £74.94 to buy Individually 1 x Leaping Lizard £ 8.991 x Blazing Star £ 15.991 x Button Moon £ 11.991 x Angel Dust £10.991 x Imortal Jellyfish £11.991 x Snow Flake To Avalanche £ 11.991 x Delta Force Rockets 10pk £ 9.991 x ..
£58.00 £74.94
Ex Tax:£58.00
Deal 3 Barrage/Rocket/Roman Candles Bundle/Fountaints Deal 3 Barrage/Rocket/Roman Candles Bundle/Fountaints
-33 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: Deal 3
ONLY WHILE STOCKS LASTBarrage/Rocket/Roman Candles Bundle/FountaintsRRP £138.94 to buy Individually ·       Leaping Lizard x 1                       &..
£93.00 £138.94
Ex Tax:£93.00
Deal 4 The Big Boys Barrage Pack Deal 4 The Big Boys Barrage Pack
-32 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: Deal 4
The Big Boys Barrage PackA Total of 7 Awesome Barrages Only at the Fireworks Shop In Morrostion Swansea RRP £ buy Individually ·       Bounty Hunter x 1                       £ 94.99 ·&nbs..
£675.00 £999.93
Ex Tax:£675.00
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