Massacre Display Kit

Massacre Display Kit

Massacre Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics (Skycrafter brand).

300 shot firework display kit (contains 3 fireworks).

This firework contains 3 individual fireworks 

Massacre by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a firework display kit.and is marketed under their Skycrafter brand. A display kit is different than a compound firework (where the fireworks are pre-fused together) although from the outside they may look much the same. The Massacre display kit contains three separate fireworks

The fireworks in the Massacre display kit are distinctly different. The first one starts off with vertical bursts and soon expands to fire three shots together in salvos and then a fan effect across the sky, all of this is accompanied with a mine lift so as well as a high aerial display there are stars being fired in a plume from ground level. The second firework which has a new twist on the popular Crossette effect. The third firework in the kit starts off with pretty red, green, blue and crackle bursts then quickly builds up to a fan shaped finale sequence of huge cascading golden palms and crackles.

  • Minimum viewing distance 25 meters
  • The display last 2 minutes 
  • 300 shot firework display kit (contains 3 fireworks).
  • Vertical firing barrage. 
  • Ideal for large gardens and public displays.

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