Django Barrage Pack

Django Barrage Pack
Ubuntu;">Django is a mid-sized aerial barrage pack in the Skycrafter range of fireworks by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

The Django Barrage Pack contains six 12 shot fireworks and two 25 shot fireworks. Being in the Skycrafter range means that you get a lot of fireworks for your money with the Django pack but as they are manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics you can be assured that these are quality fireworks.

The six 12 shot barrages in Django fire at a steady pace lasting about 20 seconds each but the two 25 shot barrages also fire their shots in about 20 seconds so are much more rpaid firing units.

Django has been tested for viewing at a minimum distance of 8m making it suitable for most back gardens but as these are mid-aerial fireworks they could also be used in an organised display.

122 Shots in total

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