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Enemy Mine 11 Shot
New -30 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2425
A pack of 2 mines, producing the following effects: Atom Bomb = Silver shower fountain with golden crackling stars Hydrogen Bomb = Silver shower fountain with red, green, yellow and blue crackling stars ..
£15.39 £21.99
Ex Tax:£15.39
Excalibur 25 Shot Barrage
New -33 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: EX2901D
Excalibur 25 Shot Barrage..
£17.49 £25.99
Ex Tax:£17.49
Exploding Cherries
-30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: EC1904GB
Exploding Cherries is a 16 shot aerial barrage firework by Brothers Pyrotechnics. Whilst being a high quality and high-performance firework it is labelled up as being a 'garden firework'  Exploding Cherries fires its starts up to around mature tree height so if you do have more space to view th..
£9.79 £13.99
Ex Tax:£9.79
Family Selection Box Family Selection Box
-24 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 1502
One of our biggest-selling boxes offering a superb display for family and friends at a fantastic price. Highly entertaining and brilliant value, with only one loud bang and a plethora of colour. Ideal for smaller children as all the effects are ground based and no big bangs...
£21.99 £28.99
Ex Tax:£21.99
Flying Pigs 1.3g Rocket 5 Pack Flying Pigs 1.3g Rocket 5 Pack
-26 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2361
5 Rockets 1.3G to a PVC Bag and Header.EFFECTS:(A) Red peony with spiralling comet tail.(B) Green peony with spiralling comet tail.(C) Blue peony with spiralling comet tail.(D) Silver glitter with spiralling comet tail.(E) Chrysanthemum with spiralling comet tail...
£25.99 £34.99
Ex Tax:£25.99
Freakstyle 25 Shot Barrage
-30 %
Brand: Volt Fireworks Model: 704280
Have a Look at the Video Freakstyle 25 Shot Barrage  an impressive firework for its size..
£22.99 £32.99
Ex Tax:£22.99
Frosty Fountain
New -50 % PREORDER
Brand: Gemstone Fireworks Model: 227
This fountain is one of a kind. You’ll experience a range of different effects shooting in different directions followed by Frosty’s eyes and mouth glowing red. This truly entertaining fountain is a must, it will be a definite hit with the children...
£14.00 £27.99
Ex Tax:£14.00
G Force Sparkling Wheel
-21 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2072
Long lasting wheel that changes colour as it spinsMinimum viewing distance 8 meters60 secs approxSingle Shots..
£10.20 £12.99
Ex Tax:£10.20
Giant Bonfire Selection Box Giant Bonfire Selection Box
-27 %
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 1506
Our most popular box. The Giant Bonfire exceeds all expectations for effects and value for money...
£40.99 £55.99
Ex Tax:£40.99
Global Meltdown 1.3G 19 shot barrage
New -30 %
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: D16789GB
Global meltdown gives you 19 shots with 30mm 1.3G for the extra power...
£23.09 £32.99
Ex Tax:£23.09
Go Mad 49 Shot Barrage
New -30 %
Brand: Gemstone Fireworks Model: 455
Rock your celebration with this huge bore powerful fan cake, your guests will be dazzled...
£87.49 £124.99
Ex Tax:£87.49
Golden Phoenix
-30 %
Brand: SkyCrafter Fireworks by Brothers Model: GP65010
Firework fountains are a great choice if you wish to throw an unforgettable back yard party, whilst keeping noise to a minimum, and Golden Phoenix is a great option. This incredible fountain from Sky Crafter provides 45 seconds of great golden light, and since it is a low noise option, it is simply ..
£11.19 £15.99
Ex Tax:£11.19
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