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Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: TS0990GB
Hurricane: Coloured palms, white glitter and red strobes.Acid Rain: Red and green peony's with acid rain (crackling) and a finale of golden flowers.Lightning Strike: Red, green, blue and pink peony's with silver, red and green strobes.Each cake finishes with a barrage of noise as the last four shots..
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: AD34172GB
Angel Dust XL by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a new addition to the super popular Angel dust family. This is a 25 version to produce even bigger effects for the low noise market. Angel dust XL is sure to be a popular choice for those looking to keep the noise down...
Armoury Barrage Crate/Roman Candle/Rocket Deal Armoury Barrage Crate/Roman Candle/Rocket Deal
New -48%
Brand: Cube Fireworks Model: 3033
An extravagant barrage selection pack, consisting of 9 individual cakes. Providing a merge of 205 shots, with exceptional powder weights. This assorted barrage pack provides a variety of mixed effects & colours.And it comes with this lotPREDATOR - A nice set of 3 Huge rockets with a bang!UN..
£300.00 £571.99
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Black Cat New Year Deal NOW TAKING ORDERS Black Cat New Year Deal NOW TAKING ORDERS
New -52%
Brand: Black Cat Fireworks Model: DEAL Black Cat
GLADIATOR single ignition     90 second duration     146 shots  RRP £ 129.99AD ASTRA single ignition     60 second duration     108 shots RRP £ 84.99Fantastic flash rocket pack from Black Cat FireworksVIPER rocke..
£160.00 £335.00
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Brand: Cube Fireworks Model: 316
 Bone Shaker fires 100 shots of colour tipped palms with a finale of golden tails to crackle and lasts an impressive 1 min 30 secs...
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Bulletproof Barrage Crate Bulletproof Barrage Crate
New -50%
Brand: Cube Fireworks Model: 3030
Simply the most exciting and competitive way to purchase a huge selection of fireworks.The Bulletproof Crate by Cube Fireworks is most definitely at the forefront. A dynamite pack consisting of both 1.3G cakes and rockets, with gigantic effects. This crate will make any bonfire party an enormous suc..
£424.99 £849.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: CC8996GB
Cha-Ching by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a brilliant 49 shot firework that boast a gorgeous mine lift into dazzling strobes. This is just another brilliant piece that we think you will love. ..
Brand: Gemstone Fireworks Model: 225
These small 3” cones are certainly deceptive reaching a height of nearly 6 feet. They are a great addition for displays in a small area...
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: DA1140GB
Dark Angel by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a large 100 shot firework with extremely loud noise. It has very nice red and green bursts, but the noise produced is definitely a shocker.A real professional feeling piece and sure to get a few wow’s from your crowd...
£74.99 £114.99
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Brand: Standard Fireworks Model: 04476
Another good fountain from Standard Fireworks.Gold plumes with spits and crackles build in intensity to a crackling finale...
Eagle Rockets 5 Pack 1.3g
New -50%
Brand: Black Cat Fireworks Model: 84086
Another fantastic flash rocket pack from Black Cat Fireworks,Sitting between the Maverick and Black Hawk pack, this is a stunning pack of 5 rockets, producing big bursts packed with noise to fill they night sky...
£24.99 £49.99
Erupting Echoes 200 Shot Barrage
New -50%
Brand: Cube Fireworks Model: 314
Experience a Sky-Filling Spectacle with Erupting Echoes 200 Shot Cake by Cube FireworksErupting Echoes will fill the sky with an array of crackles, bangs, pearls, and screeches that truly live up to its name, Erupting Echoes. Illuminate your night with the breathtaking Erupting Echoes with its ..
£24.99 £49.99
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