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Barrages Cat.2

CAT.2 Barrages

Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: AD2413GB
Angel Dust is a mine combination. A mine firework is one that fires its stars from ground level upwards rather than bursting at altitude. You will see with Angel Dust that each shot is in fact a plume of stars fired from the ground up to around 10 to 15m high.Apart from a few crackles Angel Dust is ..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: D16789D
Apocolyptic by Brothers Pyrotechnics. A 19 shot 1.3G barrage. Apocalyptic has 30mm bore tubes which give this firework huge sky breaking effects. Make sure you add this firework to your basket as this will make a great addition to your stash...
Ex Tax:£29.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: BT2376GB
Beat Thy Neighbour Compound is the latest of the multi-linked fused firework display boxes from Brothers Pyrotechnics the fuses are already joined together so you don't have to join them yourself. Beat Thy Neighbour beat all expectations. We'd say this is one of the best value for money fireworks av..
Ex Tax:£159.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: BS1911GB
Fantastic firework pure and simple, 24 shots of huge golden dragon eggs. ..
Ex Tax:£15.99
Brand: SkyCrafter Fireworks by Brothers Model: BM60220
A really good firework for the money Big alternating bursts of palm and crackling palm bursts. Fantastic Entry Level BarrageBig alternating bursts of palm and crackling palm bursts. ..
Ex Tax:£44.99
Brand: SkyCrafter Fireworks by Brothers Model: BM60152
 Button Mooon has blue pearls rising to pastel colour bursts with silver glitter...
Ex Tax:£12.99
Brand: Hallmark Model: Hall002
A great firework offering impressively large bursts packed with 4 different effects...
Ex Tax:£18.99
Brand: SkyCrafter Fireworks by Brothers Model: DJ66376
Django is a mid-sized aerial barrage pack in the Skycrafter range of fireworks by Brothers Pyrotechnics.The Django Barrage Pack contains six 12 shot fireworks and two 25 shot fireworks. Being in the Skycrafter range means that you get a lot of fireworks for your money with the Django pack but as the..
Ex Tax:£149.99
Brand: SkyCrafter Fireworks by Brothers Model: DB60473
Double Barrelled Shotgun is a 12 shot aerial barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnic's Skycrafter Fireworks division. Double Barrelled Shotgun produces a dual level display with a lower level mine lift of crackling stars and then a higher level shell burst effect with a delayed crackle. The last two shots a..
Ex Tax:£27.99
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2425
A great value garden firework by Bright Star Fireworks, this small but spectacular enemy mine barrage features 11 shots to the display of red star spider and green glitter or blue star spider and red glittering...
Ex Tax:£17.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: EC1904GB
Exploding Cherries is a 16 shot aerial barrage firework by Brothers Pyrotechnics. Whilst being a high quality and high-performance firework it is labelled up as being a 'garden firework'  Exploding Cherries fires its starts up to around mature tree height so if you do have more space to view th..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Brand: Brothers Fireworks Model: D16789D
Global Meltdown by Brothers Pyrotechnics.Driven by a wonderful Pink glow this powerful 1.3G firework will not disappoint you...
Ex Tax:£29.99
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