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Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2425
A great value garden firework by Bright Star Fireworks, this small but spectacular enemy mine barrage features 11 shots to the display of red star spider and green glitter or blue star spider and red glittering...
Ex Tax:£17.99
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2354
The Proton Bomb Extreme remains one of our best-selling fireworks and it’s always in high demand. Consisting of 16 individual tubes that each produce fantastically loud air-bomb bursts, this isn’t one for the faint-hearted!As well as the ear-piercing bangs on offer, this is a firework that delivers ..
Ex Tax:£23.99
Brand: Brightstar Fireworks Model: 2299
The Raging Spiders 43 Shot Barrage is a superb combination of fountain, mine and traditional barrage for maximum sky dancing! Beginning with a fountain, and moving into an explosive display of noise and colour, this Raging Spiders firework offers an incredible variety that will be appreciated by all..
Ex Tax:£79.99
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