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Brand: Hallmark Model: Hall002
A great firework offering impressively large bursts packed with 4 different effects...
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Magic 6 Barrage Pack only 1 Left !!!!
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Brand: Hallmark Model: Hall0010
The Hallmark cat2 barrage packs are just superb. Fabulous 6 contains 6 x 16 shot cakes, all with amazing effects. You just won’t believe that these are cat2 they are just fabulous!Details below are for each cake...
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Brand: Hallmark Model: 1008
If you like the War Hawks then you will love the Sky Hunter a pack of five large rockets.With these we have a contender that might just knock the forever loved and massive bursting War Hawk Rockets off the top spot.... This amazing Sky Hunter Rocket Pack contains 5 rockets and is proudly part o..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Hallmark Model: Sky Warriors
These Rockets are going to be a sell out this year and a must have. A replacement of the Mercury Rising rockets, they are a double burst single ignition rocket ready to light up the night sky...
Ex Tax:£39.99
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